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Karl Eklof Celt Horsemanship

PSA when a person puts it out there that they are qualified to train horses and start colts and that they have years of experience, but the reality is they have spent their entire adult life incarcerated and has only been released from prison since 2021 that is call fraud and misrepresentation. Remember folks, don’t take recommendations from anyone about anything or anyone. Always do your own research, get references, tour their place before you bring your horse. Make sure they are insured, and that they are operating as a bonified licensed business. Karl Eklof of Celt Horsemaship in Phoenix AZ is not only completely unqualified to be a horse trainer but he is also an animal abuser as I have first hand knowledge of this occuring. Not only is he ignorant of anything related to the successful education of an unhandled young horse but his methods resulted in my horse being physically injured and mentally damaged. DO NOT allow this person to touch your horse and most of all do not put your horse in his care for any reason!!