Keeneland Breeding sale

Are they still offering the sale of a share in Flightline? Will it be auctioned off publically or handled privately?

Anybody following it?

It’s still being offered.

Is it being presented for public bidding like a regular consignment ?

Yes. It listed second in the catalog.

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Cool. Shame I can’t see that. Maybe it will become more common to auction shares or stud services on this level.

Try this

Make sure you choose “index” at the top, when you get to the live page.

I wish I had a few million pennies to spend.

Looks like they might offer him first thing.

Thank you , he’s Lot 1F.

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Hope he’s fertile.


I don’t think so. That would be 500M. It sold for 4.6M.

Bad math

Whoops. It happens.

At 4.6 million for 2.5%. What does that project the value of the horse to be? My math skills are not up to that.

Mine certainly aren’t.

Who bought it?

I don’t know. I’m looking at the trade websites but nothing yet.