Keeping 12 YO Comfy in Work

I’m looking to add a supplement to keep my 12 year old mare comfortable in full work (2nd level dressage). She doesn’t have any medically significant arthritis at the moment but I want something that will keep her comfortable in her current work load.

I’m looking for a supplement that contains MSM, Devil’s Claw, Glucosamine, and Turmeric. Does such a supplement exist? I have found ones that contain everything but Tumeric or another that contains everything but Devil’s Claw. Worst case scenario I could just add Turmeric myself but with so many manufacturers I thought I’d ask.

Devil’s claw is great but it is illegal if you show rated.
I like Tumeric, I usually do the Smartpak tumeric supplement. A boarder buys the powder on Amazon.


Cosequin ASU?

I would just use a liquid HA supplement and/or Adequan injections.

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Honestly the best thing for beloved aging critters is consistent work and turnout. You can supplement with turmeric or anything with MSM but whether you see a difference is up to you. I’m not a fan of Cosequin because all of the functional studies have significant monetary donations from the company, ie. they’re running their own studies and saying their product works— well, duh. A lot of joint supplements might work, but you’re probably just spending money to feel like you’re doing something.

Some people use Adequan as a preventative. I guess I’m conservative re horse care but unless they’re presenting changes I tend to follow the golden rule of keep them working and outside where horses should be.


RE: Adequan, that’s how I feel about it. My mare isn’t showing lameness right now. She had a prior issue with suspensories (had surgery for that) and was dragging her hind toes (Equioxx and changing the angles on her feet fixed that).

She gets turned out for 4-5 hours daily. I wish it could be longer but it’s beyond my control at my current boarding facility. I ride 5x a week but I’ve been doing one day where we do mostly walk work and only 2 days where I ask for 100%. I also cut back from 60 min rides to 45 min rides.

I am aware that Devil’s Claw is illegal but it looks like it clears from their system within 24 hours (48hrs on the really conservative side).