Keeping dirt from sticking to hooves

Do you guys have a way to help keep dirt from sticking to hooves during things like shows or making sale videos/photos? I like the way hoof oil makes the hooves look, but I hate that it just gets coated by dirt as soon as you step out of the barn. I’ve heard of PAM, and I’ve heard of WD40 but I don’t really like the idea of putting something that displaces water on my horses feet. What about show sheen, has anyone tried that?

Clear floor wax. My farrier used to use it. Repels moisture (lke grass due) for a short time. Can’t say what it does to repel dirt, but try it.

Ultra Hoof Polish Enhancer, has it. Item #02215 $10.99. On the last line of the description it says ‘click here’, if you click it shows before and after photos of the product being used. Just spray it on, let it dry, dirt won’t stick. If you are dealing with sticky mud, I don’t think anything will help.

Yep. Works like a charm. If you use it alone, it gives a pretty natural, oil-like shine that will not attract dirt and dust. If you use it over traditional hoof polish, you get the mirror-like shine favored by breed show people. This picture was taken using just the hoof polish enhancer then warming up and showing in four flat classes in red clay footing:

Any hoof polish (not oil) will dry dry. It does not repel dirt, but unless the dirt is moist, it will not stick.