Keeping jeans from riding up

How do you all keep jeans from riding up your legs while you are in the saddle? I am fine at the walk, but they start creeping up my lower leg at the trot and sometimes the lope. I hate the look of “high waters” and I do have riding jeans that are just a tad long. So they sit nice when I first get on, but sometimes I find myself stopping to pull my jeans back down during my ride. It seems like chinks exasperate it.
I have been an english rider my whole life, and have just recently started picking up some western. Is this just a fact of life?
Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

My experience has been that this happens when you’re pinching with your knee and pulling your heel up/back instead of keeping your leg long. It’s a good “self check” moment. Still/quiet, long leg = no pants migration.


Yup - pinching with your knees will cause this.

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Half Chaps. I am spoiled from hunter land, hate pants riding up, and wear half chaps that are easy to put on and off when schooling - inexpensive wrap ones with velcro. When in public, I wear nicer half chaps with a zipper that will fit over regular jeans. Jeans stick out the bottom, no big deal.

That would be an interesting look with chinks! :rofl::wink:

Ha ha!! I was referring to schooling riding, not showing. However if you are just trail riding in brush, could wear both, Jeans riding up is why old cowboys buy 38" inseams.

Pinching with the knee is a problem and are you sure, the jeans are long enough? I ride in jeans at least 2 inches longer inseam than ones I don’t ride in.

They could be longer. They touch the ground with boots on, and have a little bit of bunching arpund the ankle. I am just so perplexed because I have never been a knee-pincher and have a pretty steady lower leg.
I have been trying to consciously make sure I am not pinching my knees, and it still rides up. Just on the right side, though. I know it’s me, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what I am doing to cause it!

I used to have this happen, due mainly to my poor riding, but also simply not buying long enough jeans! Riding with a longer, stiller leg has helped, for sure. Riding mainly in Buckwilds denim bootcut breeches, love the fit and the stretch of these.

I did have one pair of jeans I loved riding in, but rode up, so I sewed old fashioned electric “stirrups” in them. Seam to seam, elastic under sole of boot, no more issues!

Try posting on one leg only. The leg you can’t post comfortably on… is likely the weaker leg and the one the jeans ride up on, and perhaps, the one you lose your stirrup more often (like when you were riding english).

Back when I rode western, I wore boot cut jeans that were at least 2" longer than my street clothes. I normally wear a 34 inseam and went up to 36. I also tended to only wear “western” jeans-- Wrangler, Rockies, and Cinch. They seemed to stay put over my boots better.

My jeans are the same length they’ve always been and I’ve got no problem with them riding up. And unless there is friction somewhere along the leg, I don’t see how riding could cause jeans to ride up. Ride with a looser leg.

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Does your saddle have smooth leather or rough-out?

If it’s new or newly-brushed roughout, that will easily make your jeans ride up.