Kendall Jenner Breeches?

Can anyone tell me what amazing breeches Kendall Jenner was wearing on her ‘daring’ Malibu ride?? :wink:

But seriously, I must have these! I haven’t had any luck finding the brand. There are more images but it will only let me post one, I hope it’s good enough for a clue. HALP??

I expect these are the niche brand Photoshopped Breeches :slight_smile:

Honestly I don’t see anything special about them and being promoted by a Kardashian is enough to make me boycott any brand.


No need to hate just trying to find these great pants. They are high waisted knee patch without funky pockets and a great waistband that allows a belt- not the easiest to find. More photos couldn’t be posted to show more clearly, but they are very flattering.

Open to all suggestions here regardless of your opinion on the Kardashian clan.

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Comment on her insta post, she might just answer.


Agreed. Also does it make me a terrible person that I’m relived to know even Kendall Jenner gets sports bra rolls? lol


Looks like the logo on the back matches these from Noble Outfitters.

If you zoom in on the last photo in this Page Six article you can see the pocket on the thigh too.


They look like one of the newer tights /breeches hybrid to me, high waist and belt loops. She is wearing them not skin tight, and either has Spanx or going commando as no pantylines both of which are more flattering. But she never drops a photo that’s not Photoshopped so YMMV.

Yes, we all know the Kardashians suck. Why can’t OP still want her pants? Also, these are pap pictures, so probably not photoshopped by Ms. Jenner herself and not a promo.


Amazing! Those are definitely the ones! Lol @ the page six tagline… :joy:

100% feel that :flushed::hushed:

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