Kennel cough and doggy day care


I bring my little dog to doggy daycare once a week. They do require Bordetella(sp?) vaccine and she just got her biannual booster last week. This week she came back from doggy daycare and started developing a cough. The next day it became quite severe and she’s still coughing and clearly having respiratory issues 4 days later. Vet said to just monitor her as long as she wasn’t vomiting or acting out of the ordinary.

Anyway, the next day after doggy daycare I texted the daycare and told them she was developing a respiratory bug and wanted to let them know. They texted back and said “Yes, we have kennel cough going around right now. That’s probably what she has.”

So I just wanted to ask other dog people before my blood pressure explodes lol, in doggy daycare or boarding do you just accept there’s going to be kennel cough going around? I mean, to where you don’t think it’s important to be told about it? Or am I right to be annoyed that they knew they had kennel cough ‘going around’ and didn’t tell anyone? I don’t want to be unreasonable if this is just something that is impossible to avoid and it’s just expected to be around at kennels.

I’m debating about whether it’s worth it to keep bringing her. It’s kind of a PITA for me to bring her there and it’s not cheap. This is the second time she’s come down with a respiratory thing but the first time it was very very mild and went away in about a day. It’s otherwise a very well-respected daycare with a waiting list. Dogs get to run out in a large fenced-in field and are always monitored.

I worked at a dog daycare for about six years, it was my end of high school/college money job. Very well-respected, and I’d happily leave my dogs there now. All that being said, unfortunately kennel cough does just “go around” since it’s so easy to pass and there are a few strains or ways it can start. Even taking all possible precautions as this place most likely is, it can be introduced in to the building and spread pretty quickly so it’s a risk we all take letting our dogs interact. It is impossible to completely avoid.

That being said, if they were aware of a round of it, I don’t think it’s responsible not to inform you as a client. Of course it’s super uncomfortable and worrying as a business, but you need to be able to make your own decisions about your animal so I definitely don’t think you’re wrong to be angry in that sense.

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