Kerrits tights v other tights

I love my riding tights from Performaride (Aussie brand) and also my Kerrit’s GripTek breeches. I don’t love the full seat on my tights - after a year I’m starting to slide around like an ice skater (I am a full seat girl).

Does anyone have the Kerrit’s Flex Tights 3.0, and could give me some idea how the full-seat feels - particularly compared to the GripTek (which are wonderful) - and how the “tights” feel compared to plain lycra tights.

I really want a unicorn - my PerformaRide tights with the Kerrits GripTek bum! Hopefully the Flex 3.0 will meet this criteria. Otherwise I might just bite the bullet and buy some black GripTeks and forget the tights.

Have you looked at Sticky Seats? I LOVE THEM. I only ride in them now. They have several styles and are super friendly if you have questions. I wash mine in the washing machine (gasp) and dry them (the HORRORS!) and they are still just as sticky. Like, don’t think you can just slide into your leather car seat without having to lift your bum sticky.

I have the Flex 3.0, and I do like them. The longer you ride the more they stick. They are not as grippy as my deerskin breeches, but that’s not a fair comparison.
As for the tights part of it, I am not fond of showing the world my lumps and bumps so I go up a size. They are thick enough without being too warm in the heat. I have worn them while doing other barn chores and they’ve been fine, but I wouldn’t want to wear them doing things that would rip or snag.

Hi Jenners - no Sticky Seats here in Aus to the best of my knowledge. Shame because they sound perfect!! I have a TB who has a sonic-spook :joy:

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Thanks OF! Looks like they will be the go. I am not a skinny person, and am carrying about 8kg more than I would like; however I really like how the PerformaRides smooth everything down and hold it in. I do wear them out in public (with pluggers even, how bogan) and they are super lightweight for our very, very tropical summer. Hopefully the Flex will live up to the PFs “tummy tuck” ability, and the GripTek stickiness.

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