Kieffer bridles

Can anyone please tell me what the difference is between the Kieffer Luisa and the Kieffer Rachel bridle? (I’m not seeing anything in the pictures. (Apart from $103?)

Kieffer Rachel Snaffle Bridle -

Kieffer Luisa Snaffle Bridle -

As far as I know the Kieffer Rachel is the older version and Luisa would be the new one. I understand that a few vendors (Dover, etc) are phasing out Kieffer Rachel inventory, so it is likely they are no longer in production. The Rachel has been around since at least pre-COVID, as I was looking for something similar a few years ago and remember considering it. On the Luisa looks like they updated the browband.

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I did a side by side comparison and the only thing I can spot is more crystals on the browband.

Good to know, thank you! I prefer the Rachel browband, myself, so I guess my decision is probably made.

I do wish Kieffer had a measurement chart somewhere, though.

You can always live chat on Dover, pretty sure they would be able to get measurements for you. I’ve asked a few times on some bridles since I have a horse that has a funky head.

PS I’m with you, like the browband on the Rachel better.

Kieffer-Snaffle-Bridle-Size-Chart.pdf (195.6 KB)

Thank you for that NJRider!