Kim Meier

Denny Emerson has posted on his Tamarack Hill Facebook page that Kim Meier has passed away.

She was so fascinating, hard working, determined and sarcastically funny. For quite a while after her terrible accident, she posted to a blog. It was sometimes really hard to read what she wrote. She was brutally honest about her struggles, but other times she happily reported time with her animals and with her beloved Merle.



She was one tough cookie.

Too young to leave us.

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So devastating. Thanks for sharing. RIP.

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Sorry to hear that. I read about her and always knew her name. I think she was on her 3rd generation of home-breds that she rode at upper levels at the time of her tragic accident.

Condolences to her family and friends.

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I followed her story for a number of years, and admired her drive to stay involved with horses and students. Very sad news.

What a goddamn shame.

Kick on Kim.


Agree with everyone else’s sentiments. She will be very much missed! Rest in peace and hugs and prayers to family and friends.

Trying to find an obituary-has anyone seen one yet?

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I never met Kim but have heard legends of her toughness and determination. My daughter scribed for her and learned a lot. Godspeed Kim.

She sounded like an amazing person and godspeed to her.

What happened that she was injured? All I could find was that it was a “freak accident”. I am not trying to be morbid. I think hearing about and understanding peoples falls can be useful as learning experiences hopefully for accident avoidance.

This describes the accident:


Thank you. So heartbreaking.

This is a beautiful article remembering Kim: