Kitten in Barbed Wire Fence - Ham's Anniversary!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I walked out of my house, heard a kitten crying, and eventually found Hammie hanging from a barbed-wire fence on my neighbor’s property.

Two surgeries, peritonitis, and a month of antibiotics . . . and one frantic hour trying to cut the fence with hoof nippers! . . . was what it took to save him. Now he’s 11lbs of holy crap on a cracker and the happiest kitty you can imagine. Happy Anniversary, Ham Baby!


And Hammie today (he’s the one on the right!)


Happy finding anniversary to both of you! He looks amazing!

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What a cutie!

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You have been a blue ribbon mom & home to dear Hammie ~ very impressed with your cat management skills ~

Lucky you found each other !

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Wow one year already?! Happy Anniversary to you and Hammie!

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happy gotcha day hammie! all 11lbs of ya :slight_smile:

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Happy to celebrate Hammie’s 1st with you @Alex_and_Bodie_s_Mom :heart_eyes:
:tada:. :confetti_ball:. :fireworks:. :smile_cat:

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Aww, precious little Hammie!!!

He was little at one time. Lol

Happy anniversary Hammie! We’re all glad you and your 11 lbs of holy crap on a cracker turned out to be a hunk of a kitty!

Meow for some extra treats or tuna or something.


Happy Hammie Day!!! :heart_eyes_cat: :confetti_ball:
Catnip wishes and tuna fish dreams to you you handsome devil!

I had forgotten how adorable he was as a baby.


Happy Ham Day!

He’s turned into a big chunk monkey!

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WOWZA!!! He’s amazing! You’re amazing! :two_hearts:

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What a GREAT story!!! I remember that little nubbin, and good for you for fixing him up.

I swear these little dumpees make the best furry family members! Hats off to you & Hammie!

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