Knee Goo question

I had my 3rd round of HA injections in early October.
Treating bone-on-bone knees.
First 2 helped, but no dramatic improvement.
This time I am noticing some improvement in my walking - not so much Walter Brennan - though if I sit or stand for too long it’s back to limping.
Dare I think the stuff is kicking in, I’m producing more joint fluid & #4 might help even more?

My older sister has had same bone on bone knee problems. She had one knee replaced but not the other. Other unrelated health issues prevented the other knee being done so she was suffering with it.
I suggested she try a couple things that have worked on my messed up knee and femur.
The Back On Track knee Brace- the one with the strap. Worn daily, off at night.
And then when pain is present or prior to going dancing for a few hours, I recommended the oral
HA that I take and also give to my lame horse for arthritis. 100 X Equine HA although they also have a human version. 1 TB per day eliminates the pain and greases the joint, lol.
Now she swears by this stuff. I do too, as does my dog who has funky hips and soreness.
Wouldn’t hurt to keep these ideas in your toolbox.