Knock off bits

I’m looking for a cheaper version of the Turtle Top and Turtle Top Tactio bits.

I have one and need a second one for my opinionated princess but she doesn’t quite deserve name brand right now.

I don’t think one exists, but following. My mare that likes it also tolerates a Mullen with tongue relief, but they’re probably not similar enough for a truly picky horse.

Mullen was a HUGE no.

Does it have to be new? I have a 5”.

You can PM me.


Check dover. I like the neue schule verbindend on ottbs and i think students have found the knock off of it there.

If you’re on Facebook, there are a lot of buy/sell/trade groups and some that are exclusively for bits! I’ve bought a lot of bits that I wanted to try through these groups as the price is usually much lower than MSRP. Most of them are used, but I’ve gotten plenty of new or nearly new ones :slight_smile:

Agree with looking for used. I’ve never seen a knockoff of the Turtle Top bits.

Also consider looking at sellers in the UK, especially on eBay. This is how I got a really good deal on my Turtle Top.

The UK Bit Bank has really good pricing on NS bits, and shipping isn’t awful.

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To my knowledge there are no Turtle Top knock offs, beware of UKSales25 who advertise a “Turtle Angled” bit on ebay, it refers to the shape of the bars not the lozenge.
Your best bet is either a bit bank or second hand on ebay.

I bought mine from Equiflair and they almost always have a 10% off code running. I just did a quick check and with shipping, without using the code, a loose ring Turtle Top runs a whopping $168. If you can time it right with exchange rates, it’ll be even cheaper.

Hard to say if this is what you’re looking for but the angle might be incorrect?

Here’s a picture I found showing the differences between various styles:


Really curious about the bit you linked! If anyone ends up getting one, please update with how close it is!

effectively this is similar. The middle piece rises to prevent the two middle bar joints from being double points of pressure. I love these titanium bits from Fager, though i don’t have this one…yet. The thing about the Maria is you decide: tongue relief or bar relief when you hang the bit.

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No, that Fager does not function the same. The Tactio is flattened on the back to lay on the tongue with more surface area, and the angle of the lozenge attachment causes it to “lock out” at a certain point. I think the Turtle Top is in between the Tactio and a more standard lozenge bit.

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This doesn’t look like anything the same.

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Yes, you’re correct- it doesn’t look the same. But functionally, it’s similar. This center piece rises thereby preventing double pointed pressure that occurs in a normal double-jointed snaffle that has a recessed middle. AND it also doesn’t have the thin line of upward effect that a pivoted double jointed has. It presents a smooth but lower protrusion rather than a bump like the turtle, so it’s going to sit lower in relation to the upper palate, and it’s same width of shaft. It’s non-locking

I haven’t seen a knock off one yet. The Fager is not the same at all. I just had the Turtle Tactio in hand this week and the biggest thing about the mid link is that it cannot move down. It can bend UP like any other 3 piece bit, but cannot bend down. The Tactio is different than the Turtle Top in that the 2 side pieces are thinner and flat to relieve pressure from the bars.


The Stubben EZ Control bit has a different lozenge shape and is regular stainless steel, but it does have a similar locking action to the Turtle Tactio. Might be worth looking in to as it’s significantly cheaper. I bought one fairly cheap on eBay to try and see if my horse liked the mouthpiece but actually never ended up using it on the intended horse.

I would avoid both the Australian and UK bit bank sites unless you’re ok waiting 1-3 months for your bits to arrive. Discount Equestrian in the UK has decent prices and way better shipping times.

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