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KWPN-NA Stallion Auction

Checkk out the KWPN-NA Stallion Auction site: http://kwpn-na.org/auction/ Team-Nijhof just donated a breeding to
VOLTAIRE–WOW!! So many of Greats there for choose from I don’t even know where to start!

Where do you see info on a breeding to Voltaire? T.Y. Much appreciated

Here is the link: http://kwpn-na.org/auction/ On the NA site. You don’t have to be Member to bid, but you do have to register with a credit card. good luck!

Ends on Wednesday February 26, 2014

The Service Auction (SSA) ends at 6:00 PM (PST)/ 9:00 PM (EST) on Wednesday, February 26, 2014. Bidding will remain open until five minutes after the last bid is made on a particular stallion, at that time, bidding for that particular stallion will be automatically suspended.
The 2014 SSA will be conducted by Internet bidding only. However, the KWPN-NA office can function as a proxy and bid for you if special circumstances prohibit a bidder from doing so on-line. Please get this set up with the office ahead of time.
Bidders are able to sign up and bid on-line. Bidders must sign up by 5 PM (PST) on Tuesday February 25, 2014
Proceeds will go toward the KWPN-NA Awards Programs. All stallions are approved with the KWPN or an Erkend studbook. Take this opportunity to select and bid on one or more of these stallions at www.kpwn-na.org, or at the KPWN NA Facebook page.

The KWPN-NA Stallion Service Auction ends this evening.

Final 20 Minutes! Some super deals still out there!