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I find the KWPN chart confusing. I have a wonderful mare who I plan to breed in the future. She is registered Oldenburg (convenience of the breeder) but would have been eligible for KWPN foalbook. (Dam is an imported KWPN STER mare, sire is an approved erkend stallion) but if I am interpreting correctly, if I were to want KWPN papers on a foal out of her, it would only be eligible for register B? I may be totally wrong, but this is also what I was told by a KWPN breeder. It would make a difference to me. I prefer KWPN, but don’t want register B.

Is your mare GOV or ISR/OLD? Some will depend upon what stallion you are wanting to use, but would be happy to help you sort it out if you want to PM.

2015 KWPN-NA Stallion Service Auction

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The KWPN-NA Stallion Service Auction ends this Friday, February 27, 2015. Closing times are staggered starting at 4:00 PST/7:00 EST. Make sure you check the bidding closure time for your stallion