Labelling a fake tail

What’s the best way to label a tail?

The fake tails got mixed up at the last show I was at and the one that came out of my horses’s tail at the end of the show was not his. It’s not the nicest looking thing, so of course no one wants it and now I’m stuck with no tail. When I have the chance to have a new tail made I want to be sure to label it so that this can’t happen again but I’m not sure how to do it in a way where it won’t show. TIA!

Label maker, put it on the nylon loop.


Won’t it show when the tail is braided in?

The bigger problem here is that you ended up with someone else’s lesser quality tail and that someone thinks that’s their ticket to a nicer tail. Figure out who has your tail and talk to them. If they say the tail you have isn’t there’s then get all of your black-tailed-horse-owner barnmates together, have everyone lay their tails out and everyone pick theirs.


This is why I try to take out my tails myself whenever possible. I’m exceptionally paranoid. Luckily, right now, I have the only grey hunter in the barn so that’s a pretty hard tail to grow legs and walk away, but yeah, black tails are a different story.

The label on the loop suggestion is not a bad one, and I don’t think it would show. Assuming you braid most of the time, most braiders hang the tail high enough on the bone that the braid would cover it. Even if not, it should still be sufficiently covered by tail hair from the front of the tail bone. I’ll test it out this week when I wash my tail.

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The label maker works. You can also sew a bead on the loop. I make tails and if the customer wants, I string beads in their name and tie it to the loop. It doesn’t show.


The bead idea is brilliant!