Lace Up Winter Barn Boots - not for riding

Well, it’s winter, and I hate it. Sadly, that does not mean it’s going away.

Last year my 10+ year old Muck Boots finally wore through and I was left with wet feet. I replaced them with Ovation Mudsters, and they’re just not for me. They fit fine, but I have to literally wrestle them off, and the next time I put them on and find myself ten minutes into removing them and still trapped, I’m going to take scissors to them and be done. (No, I will not be buying a boot jack.)

So, what are people wearing for winter mud (and snow) boots that are easy on/off? Not interested in riding in them. I want boots that keep my feet dry when I walk through the muck to catch my horse, boots warm enough for shoveling snow, preferably boots sleek enough that I can walk without fear of heavy, wide boots tangling me up and tripping me, as I do an easy weekly hike and would like to trade out with my Ariat Terrain H2Os. Easy clean is a big benefit.

I’m not particularly interested in zippers, because I find they tend to stop working long before the rest of the boot. Lace ups seem the way to go.

I was looking toward leather and fleece, versus getting a boot full of plastic parts, but I bought a pair of L.L. Beans and I’ll be returning them. Very uncomfortable, slightly too small but not so small going a size up would help (too big then), and frankly the quality for the price seems low. The liner on one boot doesn’t stay, it’s very obvious that boot is smaller (both by fit and visual inspection), and the seams are large and obtrusive, made worse by the one liner slipping and removing protection from that seam.

Looks like Sorel makes some decent lace ups? Any other brands I should look at? If they’ll last as long as my Muck Boots did, I’m willing to spend a chunk of cash, but I need more work boot than fashion boot.

I have a pair of lace up unlined LLBean boots that I love, but when I moved north, I needed something warmer. So, I ordered the insulated ones. They’re awful. The lining is wonky and the fit is weird - size 7 was too tight and size 8 was too long.

The last time I lived up north I had a pair of LaCrosse boots with insulated liners that were wonderful. I wish I still had them. I’ve been looking at these:

but I’m still grumpy over the Bean boots so I haven’t ordered them. :slight_smile:

Keen makes nice lace up waterproof boots.

I had a pair of Columbia winter boots for about 8 years that were awesome. Too big to fit in my stirrups but great for everything else. They were the rubber foot with suede upper style. They were easy to clean, weren’t affected by manure, and waterproof until the rubber cracked in their final winter. I used to be able to stand in a freezing arena and teach lessons for a couple of hours and not get cold feet.

Unfortunately I was looking for a new pair too late in the season and unwilling to buy online and face fit issues so I ended up with a similarly styled pair of boots by The North Face. They are not up to the standard my old Columbia boots set, but they are okay most of the time and I’m not teaching any more. Bonus is these fit in my western stirrups.

I did have a pair of Sorels over 20 years ago that were very warm and fit in my stirrups. I was hiking and bussing to the barn at that point and had no issues with all the walking.

I am LOVING my new Rocky Waterproof boots:

Have worn them every day for two months, maybe 2 hrs a day. Comfortable, warm. Wear just a thin wool sock mostly. Nice traction on the bottom and they’re great in mud.

Do recommend a boot pull for removal.

I have a pair of Santana winter boots that I love. I mostly use them to walk the dog when muddy/snowy. They’re lace-up, lined, they also have a zip on the side. They are very warm and comfortable.

Much too nice to take to the barn though lol - For chores and walking in deep mud / muck / snow I love my BOGs boots. I find them fine to ride in as well. They’re also comfortable to walk in, but I wouldn’t wear them for real “hikes”.

Thanks guys! I ended up buying a pair of Keen boots and may end up backing them up with some Muck Boots.

Ugg Adirondack boots…yes, I realize Ugg is overpriced and not what people think of for barn wear. But, they do make some boots that are made to be good winter weather boots (not just fashion styles). And since I’ve been using them in the winter I have not had frozen feet in the barn. They also have great traction. So for me, no frozen feet is worth the price! Plus, mine have been very durable and have actually held up better to barn life than the LL Bean boots.

My Keen Women’s Greta boot arrived today. Easy on and off. The padded top means it closes well at the top, so that should keep SOME hay and shavings out (I realize even a full body suit isn’t enough to keep hay and shavings out of your clothes.) Comfortable and walkable the moment I put them on. No heel, so definitely not a boot to climb into the saddle with, but hoping to try it out in the pasture and on the trail this weekend when the mud/rain returns.

I will say this for L.L. Bean - returns seem to be easy. It came with a return slip and, if all goes as it should, they’ll take $6.50 out of my return $.

Merrell winter hiking shoes. They are warm, waterproof and have ice gripper soles.