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Lactated ringers vs plasmalyte 7.4

When Thomas got fluids I got lactated ringers to use. Afte I got terumo needles and he got used to the routine, he was fine.

He would actually run to his spot and wait while I warmed them up.

I use a different vet now and they use normasol or plasma lyte, not lrs.

I know every cat is different but I’ve tried fluids with three other cats and they all are very uncooperative with the other types.

Can the normasol and plasmalyte sting as it goes in?

The vets office usually gives fluids with cerenia, appetite stimulant and b vitamins in it and it must sting because all of them acted like it burnt. I couldn’t do them at all but even the plain fluids she meows and tries to get away the whole time.

Eta that I have a call into the vet to get a prescription for lactated ringers. It’s worth trying before it gets bad enough that I won’t do it.

She’s 17. I’m not going to be make her miserable and to run away from me.

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Yes they can sting more than LRS, Cerenia definitely stings SQ and so can b12. Giving the fluids first, then giving the others in the “bubble” minimizes the sting and doesn’t have a huge impact on absorption.

My cat (20) has done really well adding Purina Hydracare daily and have been able to avoid doing fluids so far! If she will wat eat I highly recommend trying it on the says you aren’t doing fluids.


I’ve never heard of that. I’ll give it a try, thank you!

My cat just drinks it right out of a dish! I’m lucky with him though he has been a dream to manage- takes his meds in a pill pocket, eats whatever kidney diet I put down, likes the Hydracare. I dealt with many finicky cats and owners over the years I figure it’s my good karma paying off :rofl:


Oh lordy, not Snickers! She has gotten so picky in her old age. She was eating Royal Canin renal support but quit. I’m adding it back gradually so we’ll see if I can outsmart her. Hah!

She’s my payback for having such an easy one with Thomas.

I stick with the LRS. I had a cat that had a reaction to the Normasol. You would give it to her and exactly 10 minutes later she would start vomiting. So, nope to that.

I guess i just live by if it ain’t broke…Though getting the LRS from Costco was a process. They made me feel like i was asking for a prescription for heroin.

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I’ll just order them online, I guess. I called several pharmacies yesterday and got the same reaction.

Valley Vet has them, and Chewy along with several other online pharmacies that the card website had listed.

Check prices. Some places will charge you an arm and a leg for just a few. Costco only charged me about $50 for a case of 12. And I didn’t even have to be a member since it was through the pharmacy.

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The lactated ringers came in this morning so I gave Snickers some tonight. No more yelling and trying to get away… she actually relaxed and laid down during.

Yay!! Now if it just continues we’ll be in good shape.

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Whatever you do, don’t use “normal saline”. It ain’t “normal”.

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And here is Snickers from her fluid treatment last night.

Never moved an inch. Not even after eating the temptations she got afterwards.


How is she doing?

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She seems to be doing ok. Her kidney values improved on recheck after a month on fluids.

Her weight is holding steady so that’s good.


Right on! I’ll still keep jingling for her continued improvement.

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