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Ladies' Hunt Boots

I was awarded my colors this year (yay!!) and am in the process of updating my hunt coat-there’s definitely sticker shock from the buttons–and looking for hunt boots, dress boot with a black patent leather cuff.

I’m tall (5’9" with proportional legs), wear a size 8, and the calf width varies depending on brand (I fit a “full” when I tried on the Ariat Crowne). First, does anyone know of a site that has used patent cuff hunt boots? I haven’t had much luck with eBay. I am really trying to be frugal before I bite the bullet for customs. Second, if I’m going to get bespoke boots, what do you recommend?

Dehner seems to be a popular choice because of well-made boots and good customer service. My local tack shop sells them. My dear friend has Effingham boots, but she got them years ago. Other options I’m aware of include Der Dau, Konig, and E. Vogel. I would greatly appreciate some guidance!

Maybe you could have a local boot repair store make a patent leather piece with Velcro to go on your boots that you have?
My brother went with customs for his brown polo boots. He got them from an Argentina company and they are beautiful. You may want to look for a place like that.
Also, remember that a lot of more expensive boots have thin leather. Not sure where you hunt but when I hunted out west I totally trashed a nice pair of Ariats in about 3-4 weeks running through mesquite,cactus and pine trees. I replaced them with some boots from a sale box at the local store with much heavier leather. (Recticiligne)

Dehner makes patent tops that snap on with a tab inside the boot.

Give the Middleburg Tack Exchange a call and ask them to check on what they have in stock. I got my (used) Dehner patent-topped boots there, for under $300.

Alternatively, if you have a pair of boots that fit you, you can send them to a saddlery repairer like Journeymans in Middleburg, VA, or bootmaker Kroops in MD, and they can make and sew on patent tops to boots you already have.