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Laid-back Lesson Barn in the Seattle area?

I’ve been at UW for the past two years and haven’t ridden consistently since I started, and I’ve really been feeling the withdrawal lately. Sadly, the barn I rode at all during middle and high school is on the other side of the country, in Alabama.

I have no familiarity whatsoever with the horse scene in the Seattle area, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any no-frills, easy going English barns that offer lessons (hopefully on the cheap side).

I’ve ridden for over ten years and half of that was hunter/jumpers, but I’m not too concerned with finding a super fancy show barn. I’d just love to find someplace where I can take lessons on the weekends, work out the kinks, and just relax in the horsey atmosphere again. It’d be awesome to find a place with access to lots of trails too, but I figure that’s just wishful thinking if I want to find somewhere within driving distance from the city.

Any input would be super appreciated, thank you so much :slight_smile:

Whereabouts in the Seattle area? Do you mean north Seattle, south of Seattle, Tacoma… You mention UW, do you live near there? I’ve heard that Gold Creek has good lesson horses. I’ve only been up there for shows, but it’s a decent facility. I don’t know anything firsthand about their lesson/ instruction program though. Good luck in your search!

Whoops, yeah, should’ve mentioned that I’m in U District.
Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll keep it in mind to check out!

Come down (over??) to the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe this weekend for the October Classic. One of my clients is there and is a stickler for braids even at the smaller shows like this one. You can get a chance to meet and greet some folks. My client has a superb barn and lesson program but she is in the Buckley area about an hour from you.

If you are looking for less expensive than a traditional H/J barn, I do know some great trainers who do more breed shows. Some don’t jump though.

In Duvall, WA-- http://www.tinawolfe.com/index.html

Bainbridge Island, I love Becca!-- http://www.iosranch.com/team.html

Snohomish, Jen is wonderful–http://www.msperformancehorses.com/

HIGHLY recommend Phoenix Farm in Woodinville http://www.phoenixfarm.com/

Definitely low key lesson barn, good lesson horses, and a trainer that really focuses on improving your riding and horsemanship rather than looking pretty :slight_smile:

Would advise staying away from Gold Creek, PM if you would like details.

Try Hang Time Hunters and Jumpers in Snohomish County. Lauren Crawford has lesson horses and there are trials to hack in.

How much time can you afford to spend driving? What time of day will you be going to the barn? The answers to both questions will make a big difference in where you will want the barn to be located.

See if your school has a riding team. If it does, the team is probably riding at a local barn.

Thank you so much for all of the info, it’s been super helpful!
@Kestrel, I’d mainly be looking to go out on weekends, and I’d be flexible with either morning or afternoon. And I’d be okay with anywhere that is within a 45 minute drive if that’s what it takes.

[QUOTE=Go Fish;7205083]
See if your school has a riding team. If it does, the team is probably riding at a local barn.[/QUOTE]

No riding team at the university.

UW has a riding club.