Laminitis treatment posted on Rate my Horse Pro

The text by the photo states:

[I]"Thank you to a Rate My Horse PRO fan for sharing.

My horse at age 4 chewed the bark off a Wild Cherry tree (very poisonous) he suffered from colic, founder and peritonitis. He carried a fever of 107 for several days, lost the vision in his left eye due to the high fever. He had tubes from and into every portal of his body. A belly tap, tubes up his nose and out his anus, plus IVs. He suffered severe laminitis in all 4 feet with absolutely vertical rotation in all 4. I have the x-rays and pictures of all 4 feet as proof. He spent 9 mo at Virgina Tech Veterinary School as a case study under the care of Dr. Karen Baum. All 4 hoof walls were removed at the coronary band, also have these pictures. Once the hoof walls were removed and the pressure released, he was ready to kick up his heels which he did throwing off his ez boots and bandages. Once his hoof walls grew back he was 100%, farriers marveled at his perfect hard feet, he has remained unshod to this day and is 34 years old and still weighs in at 1200 lbs and can still run and buck. I would certainly like to know why Gunner and Barbaro were lost due to laminitis. I inquired with Barbaro’s doctors but never got a reply. If any Veterinarians are interested in the medical records or pictures you can message me thru Face Book at PAWS Patrick Virginia"[/I]

This was posted on Rate My Horse Pro’s Facebook page.

I have never heard of any treatment that was so drastic, but the poster says it worked. Has anyone ever heard of this? If I ever need to (knock on wood for NO), should my vet be aware of this treatment?

And how could the horse feel better with so much of his hoof cut off?