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Land Clearing in Georgia

Can anyone recommend a land clearing company or loggers in Georgia? I have 7 acres of well established hardwoods in Alpharetta that I need to clear for pasture. Any suggestions would help, thanks!

Have you asked any housebuilders in the area? Your local utility may be able to give you some names. They have to do a ton of clearing & grubbing.

Are you in Fulton or Forsyth? Here is a list of UGA county extension offices. One of them should be able to help you, or refer you.


Clearing land for pasture … Grass for erosion control or appearance is quick, easy and cheap. Don’t think establishing pasture grass for forage is quick, easy or cheap.

Sell the timber, and hire the heavy equipment contractor with the largest equipment. Work about doubles for each step up in size, without usually that much difference by the hour. For instance D8 does about twice what a D7 will, which in turn does about twice what a D6 will do.

Best is get a D8 with a root rake blade, which will get the roots out of the ground leaving most of the dirt. By the hour, with a good operator, is usually about half what a fixed price contract would be.

Have the understanding that you do NOT want the ground ruined, so they are not to work when the ground is soaking wet, as in Winter.