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Laoban gone, age 8

He was such a promising sire. Probably had his best book of mares this season.


Very strange statement from Walden: “Walden said that there would be no further comment from the farm.”

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Maybe not too odd. They’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Maybe they just are sick and tired of armchair experts.

When I first saw the announcement on Paulick’s FB post, there were about 10 comments, one of which was “what did they do to him?”. So yeah, I wouldn’t blame them for keeping mum.


What a terrible loss. He had some good looking get at the sales as well as his runners.


Such a good looking boy!

Everyone knows that freak things happen- you’re leading a horse, it rears up and falls over, lands wrong and is gone, and so many other bad situations. No one wants to have to deal with the finger pointing.


Two of his 2YO at the FT Mid Atlantic sales



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Coincidentally, I did the farm tour at WinStar yesterday, and nobody there said a word about it. I had no idea until I heard about it later in the day from someone else.

Not that I blame them. But still. Very weird to find out after the fact.

A friend of mine knows one of WinStar’s directors, all she (my friend) told me was this, “it was human error, but not because of lack of knowledge”. Take that as you will.

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Horse got loose from his handler and had an accident maybe? It happens.

It was definitely human error. No one’s talking because the lawyers are still trying to sort out liability. Getting this settled will drag on for a long time and make a lot of people reexamine their practices and their insurance coverage.

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Just wow! The allegations against the Vet demonstrate seriously bad judgment, if true.


Holy moley. That’s some serious “bad idea” veterinary care there.

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No wonder nobody at the farm mentioned it that day! If anything, I’m surprised they did not just cancel that tour. That must have been a pretty traumatic morning for them.

That has to be a pretty big blow regarding the lack of insurance coverage. I wonder what sort of a value would be involved to insure a horse like that?

Has equine insurance ever paid out a claim? I’m half kidding and half serious.


I did have one pay out for the vet bill on a major medical policy for an injury about two weeks after I insured the horse. And the claim was something like half again the cost of the insurance, which was definitely my best experience ever with any insurance company!

The article reads like this is a novel cocktail, but haven’t barns used stuff like this for years? I’m not familiar with the black shot but I’ve heard and seen plenty of B12 cocktails being used in sports outside of racing too.

Wonder if it will change anything. I seriously doubt it though.

Seems sort of silly to inject something, you could just add to the diet. I’ve only seen injections used if the animal is likely deficient in something due to an underlying disease process. Completely preventable.

Well, this is a pretty hasty way to go…

Veterinarian Agrees to Suspension in Laoban Death - BloodHorse