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Lasix snafu?

How the heck does the vet not do their job :woman_facepalming:

How that happens obviously I have no idea except to say that vets are people too. It happened to one of my client’s horses before the horse came to me. That was back when private vets treated the horses and they just screwed up and missed him. You would think with the state vet whose only job is to give Lasix that would be less likely to happen but obviously not impossible

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Last week or so my daughter was panicking when due to a screw up with the entries, our horse wasn’t listed for his lasix. No one was at the track to do it about 15 minutes before, she went to the paddock official who had one of the part time track vets to do it. Thankfully she was there! Crap happens sometimes.

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I understand “shit happens” but this is the 2nd time recently that this vet has done this.
Apparently the fine given out last time wasn’t enough of a consequence.
This time they fired her.

It was almost a year ago the first time he was at issue. Someone was there for the first race though so who knows what happened. But he did get fired so he was found at fault by the NYRA.

Track is doing the right thing by scheduling a race with the same conditions and purse later next week. As they should, these people did nothing wrong.

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is it a requirement for horses to get Lasix before a race? or is it a choice?

Usually a choice, especially if a horse is a bleeder, though there are some trainers who do it even if it’s not an issue.