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Latest BLM auction $60,005 for pinto

What the absolute heck is going on here?!


BTW, we just adopted a Jenny from that same auction. She’s the first burro. 6 year old with a sweet face. :revolving_hearts:

Whatever they are smoking can I get some!


Typo? Maybe?

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I’ve often wondered, when I see things like that, if the bidder ever actually comes up with the money. It’s one thing to get carried away and end up making a crazy bid, but another thing to actually come up with the cash.


That’s wild!!! They have some really nice horses listed. I love how thick and sturdy they are.

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It was $25,005 yesterday when I checked on my burro.

Cute burro!

I also wondered if there aren’t some 10 year old girls somewhere hitting the bid now button on that pinto. I mean she’s cute but $60,000+ cute?


Scrolling through this page I have a few thoughts:

  1. Whoever takes their photos does an amazing job. Every horse has their ears pricked and show a nice three quarters side profile
  2. How do they have such exact ages on all of these animals?
  3. It seems like the fun colors go first. What happens to the plain Jane bays and chestnuts with no bids?

The plain chestnuts and bays will be someone’s treasure. I picked our plain gray burro because she seemed fairly quiet. I also noticed she had a visible udder, so I figured her braying as she trotted in the video was completely understandable. I wonder if that adorable yearling burro is her baby?

One colored burro whose price was driven up was very spooky. Not my first choice for an animal to train.

Anyway, our little burro didn’t seem too reactive and a plain color. That’s really the way to find a nice animal and avoid the color drama.


I saw this mentioned on a Facebook group, apparently this filly is the last surviving offspring of a particular stallion who was followed by photography groups and recently died. The speculation is that certain individuals/groups are inflating bids and backing out to force a no sale in an attempt to make sure she goes to a chosen rescue/group.


Wouldn’t the horse just be up for auction again? Especially if it’s obviously fraudulent bidding? (The bidders never intended to pay their bids; sounds fraudulent to me)


Makes you wish you had Eff You money to keep bidding up and then actually buy her. That’s ridiculous.

Reminds me of the Chromies.


Was that the stallion that died during the roundup due to negligence (they chased him for miles and he had a broken leg).

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I got a mass email from the BLM during the auction warning that fraudulent bidders would be banned from future auctions.


The crazy rescue people would do better by pooling their money, making real bids, and then donating the filly to the rescue they want to have her.


I could see this. And honestly, it’s glass-eyed and adorable, and young enough to make an easy transition to domestic life, and it has a uterus. This could be the beginning of a little mustang dynasty in someone’s (likely western) breeding herd— they are hardy, well-built creatures and could bring some much needed sturdiness back into the gene pool. Plus, spots!

Makes more sense to me than spending high 5s on a gypsy vanner gelding, no matter how many kids they’ve got standing on its back.


Was this a Picasso foal?


That sounds right, but I’m not 100% sure

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Picasso was not the stallion killed during roundup. Picasso was at least 30 and has not been seen again after 2020. Maybe his last filly? Maybe grandfilly? Nice tribute website.


I was asking if the filly in question was sired by Picasso.