Leaf vacuum instead of pasture vacuum?

Has anyone used a leaf/lawn vacuum for cleaning dry lots? They’re about half the price of an actual pasture vacuums and one of them (not this particular one) did mention in the description that it picks up livestock manure. For what it’s worth, I’m in a high plains desert where manure dries out very quickly. So unless the piles are covered in a heavy snow, it often times turns to dust very quickly; so I’m not looking to pick up sopping wet crap.

Yes, I know many spend the time picking by hand. That’s great for you. I have too many paddocks for that and far too busy of a work schedule. I’d rather spend my free time with a quick clean up and actually riding or working youngsters.


I’m interested in any answers also.

Maybe Not helpful but I’ve used a leaf blower that also suctions like a vacuum to pick up manure.
If that can do it, I’m sure a dedicated leaf vac can too.

What about something like this?


Interesting. How and where does it collect to?

It came with a bag for leaf collection and an attachment for a larger opening for sucking in the leaves. I have this one

It won’t pick up brand new piles, but dried up ones, or individual pieces sucked up fine. It also sucked up shavings really well. And it mulches them up too, so it takes up less room at the manure pile and turns into garden soil faster.

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Stormy Day - very cool! I could use one like that for my small pasture/paddock.


this is the type of out of the box ingenuity I was looking for. Thanks!!

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Yes! I have friends with the expensive pasture vac but this is more in my price range.

I wonder if I could fabricate it to dump in to a larger bag or in to a hand cart that has an enclosure on top. There is a video on YouTube where a guy turned a leaf blower in to this type of contraption but it might be a touch out of the scope of my ability. I wonder if I can simply attach a hose where the bag goes and route a short distance to the cart with a plywood enclosure. Hmmm maybe a project for this weekend.

I bet you could do it with duct tape!

No problem!

Y’all… I can’t contain the excitement. Seriously, this is what I get excited about… check this contraption out. It goes over a garbage can. So I may not even need to make the ply wood lid for the poop cart. Because frankly I’m not a carpenter. Just put the can in the cart, strap this bad boy on, and vacuum away. I’m seriously going to do this (if they’re in stock) and report back.



Check back in please!

Back in the day I used to shovel my own free shavings. So one night a guy pulls up to the sawmill in a small truck with a smaller generator, a leaf blower and a garbage can with a black plastic bag in the can. While I shoveled into my truck he cranked up the generator and vacuumed shavings into the plastic bag using a set-up like this. When the bag was full he removed it from the garbage can and tied it off and filled another bag. While I shoveled.

I can reach my small paddock with an extension cord and I bet this set-up will work with dried piles.


I bet it will too! I’ll even try out a fresh pile. You know, for review purposes.

that’s pretty funny about the shavings. But a great idea. I don’t use a ton of shavings but when I have a horse on stall rest or something, I always wish I had a way to buy in bulk. This just might be the answer

worx makes an attachment that goes over a garbage can. you can buy just the attachment and hose and it fits other blowers and mulchers. I use it with the plug in worx blower mulcher combo to chop hay for my senior. I run the hay thru twice and its good to go!!

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So…any feedback on these contraptions? I realize winter may have gotten in the way of these scientific trials, but I want to buy either the Black & Decker model or the Worx, so I’d love to hear from anyone who has tried either of these. I’ll be using it on small pony and miniature horse manure, so I have high hopes. Anything that encourages my essential laziness is a good thing!

I bought the Black & Decker but to be honest I haven’t gotten around to putting my contraption to work yet. Between winter, normal work, school, and working a 3 week show circuit on winter break, it just hasn’t happened.

I tried this. Results are MEH. It would only pick up old dry manure and I ended up COVERED in dry manure dust. So if you try this please wear a disposable mask so you don’t breathe in this crap ( literally)… I found it was easier to just use an apple picker and pick up the piles.

I kept having the hose disconnect and dragging around the blower and extension cord was a pain. So unless you are bored and have a lot of time on your hands … However it might work better in a drier climate.

My climate is super dry and manure breaks down to dust super quick. Really, to the point where if I catch it just right on a windy enough day, I can toss it in the air and it blows (presumably) to another state. But I know the bag that came with it will fill super quick so I still need to manufacture a manure cart lid that the hose attaches to. But, I imagine it won’t work as great as I would like for it to.