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Hi all,
I’m taking a deep dive into a few horse care/management topics and have found a few providers that I’d love some reviews on or to hear other’s experiences with before I start signing up for classes and spending money. Any information is helpful. Also open to suggestions. Thank you!

Eleanor Kellor’s online courses around nutrition
Deb Davies online courses/in person clinics
Mackinaw Dells (Ida Hammer) online and in person hoof care and trimming
Daisy Bicking online hoof course
Gillian Higgins Horses Inside Out online resources/webinars
Wilson Meagher therapy and massage
Maureen Rogers - conformation, posture, biomechanics, craniosacral
Equine Therapeutic (Kerry Ridgway) online classes
Masterson Method
WeHorse membership - various topics
April Battles - Craniosacral, holistic horse therapy

Kellon - yes, a higher basic level
Bicking - 100% yes
Meagher - if related to Jack Meagher, 100% yes. If not, I have no idea
Masterson - yes

Dr Rachel Mottet has a great nutrition course with a deeper dive than many

For conformation, I would highly recommend starting with anything from Judy Waldrop, JW Equine. Lots of free resources on her website. I have no idea how up to date Rogers is on conformation. If she uses the old “box”, uses the elbow to stifle line to judge/downhill, then don’t bother.


Re: Wilson Meagher, while I’ve never taken one of her courses, I’ve known Joann for years and she’s fantastic at what she does. I’m not sure how her courses are set up now, but at one point you had to already know a fair bit of anatomy to take it.

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Gillian Higgins HIO webinars, etc. I highly recommend. I haven’t seen them all, but enough to see it’s all very well thought out. Also, she’s one of those people who can make things really easily understandable to someone with only basic knowledge, yet still provide good information for more advanced “students” within the same talk. Bonus it’s very affordable and you don’t have to invest in all of it at once.

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Thank you! Glad to know I’m headed down the right path