Leasing a broodmare?

My mare has been bred twice and despite everything looking good on ultrasound, she is not pregnant. We are going to try again, but the stallion contract limits us to 3 breedings. In the event that she doesn’t take, I am trying to decide if I want to buy a broodmare or lease one.

Where should I begin my search? I could buy a new mare, ride her/train her this year, and use the contract next year, if nothing else. My budget isn’t huge so I would be a bit limited. Honestly thinking about looking at Off the track thoroughbreds, not sure I could afford a warmblood. Maybe an appendix?

Or I could look for a broodmare lease. Is a free lease type situation typical for a broodmare lease?

Fingers crossed that my mare takes this time and this is unnecessary. I’m also considering switching vets, just to get a second opinion and make sure we aren’t missing something.

I would look into a custom foal in your situation. That way you don’t have another mouth to feed forever by getting a mare you don’t necessarily want. You can find broodmare leases as well when a breeder doesn’t want to breed the mare this year but still want to keep them in their herd. I would contact the stallion owner and tell them what you are looking for and see if they have any suggestions for a lease or custom foal.


Interesting… I haven’t heard of a custom foal before. How does this work exactly?

You have a breeder breed their broodmare to the stallion of your choosing.

This fabulous mare just came across my feed a few minutes ago as being available for a custom foal for example

I just search the words ‘custom foals’ and quite a few farms popped up that would give you information on the process, what’s included and what isn’t. Each farm is a little different. I had looked into this topic purely out of curiosity awhile back - it’s really kind of a genius way to fund a broodmare herd and keep their lines moving forward without having to market a baby afterwards.

Also, are you working with a breed that would allow you to use a recip mare, so you could keep the genetics of your mare in the mix?

It’s a good time of year to still find good lease options and there are a ton of variations from free leases, paid leases, custom breedings, embryo purchases, etc. I agree that contacting the stallion owner is a good start. There are also a number of Facebook groups, etc Creating your ‘wish list’ for the mare and breeding scenario (must be at your place vs staying with owner, etc) will be a good start.

Check out the Warmblood Broodmares Showcase on FB. I’ve leased my mare out as a broodmare prospect. Care lease with insurance seemed to be the most common practice when I went opinion-seeking before I made my mare available.