Leasing vs. Buying

I do not lease or own a horse at the moment. :cry: Anyways, I’m looking into leasing and/or buying a horse in the near(ish) future! I kinda need facts and opinions on both, a comparison… Here is the information I need:

  • Cost
  • Boarding vs. Keeping your horse at home
  • Showing
  • Supplies/Care
Thanks, HunterJumper<3

Thoughts on leasing vs. buying?

If you have any doubts, then I would lease. You have to be careful about buying because if you buy a horse that later turns out to be not right for you, or if you decide that horse ownership isn’t for you, it can be very difficult to sell the horse. You are also responsible for all of the horse’s costs after you decide to sell him or her.

If you can find a good lease and the terms are things that you can abide by, then I think that would be a good way to decide if you eventually want to buy a horse.

Good luck to you. I half-leased several horses before buying a horse, and while it was sad to part with them it was a great experience. I am so glad that I did that before buying a horse.

Well, there are so many different forms of leases, it’s hard to say. If you could find a totally free lease, ie, someone just wants someone to come pay attention to their horse, well, that’s pretty free, except for your gas, and you’ll probably buy treats, and maybe a few little items of tack or grooming equipment.

What do you have for facilities at home? If you can keep a horse safely at home, and not have you or the horse be lonely for other company, that’s going to be less expensive than boarding, depending on where you live, but you may not have an indoor, and you may have to spend all your free time maintaining the property and cleaning stalls, etc.

When I leased a horse, I paid a flat monthly fee to the horse owner, who also owned the facility, and the horse’s tack, supplies, farrier/vet care, and stall cleaning were covered. In addition to the monthly lease, which covered 3 rides a week, I paid for my lessons. Worked out well, and in that case, less than 1/4 the cost of paying for full board now that I own a horse, never mind having to buy tack, buy grooming supplies, pay the hoof-trimmer, the vet, etc. :slight_smile:

Depends on where you live and what type of barn you are looking to go to.


Lease = Free up to and more of 85,000 year

Buy = Free up to and more 300,000

You can get a free lease for an old school master type horse but if you are doing the A circuit I have heard of yearly leases from 45,000 to 85,000 a year. I am assuming your are not looking for this :slight_smile:

Boarding vs. Keeping your horse at home

Boarding - from 350.00 a month for stall, feed, and cleaning up to 700.00

If you are in a full training program - add 500.00 to 1,500.00 for grooms and lessons per month.

Horses at home - depending on your location would cost 125.00 for 5 bails of grass/alfalfa hay. Bedding shavings at 8.00 a bag around 160.00 a month

Additional if you pay someone to feed and clean for you around 250.00 a month.


Depending on where you show

1 day Schooling shows
20.00 a class
trainer fees if you have a trainer 50.00
trailer fees - 200.00 - 500.00

A rated week show
3,000.00 a week
Trailering, braiding, grooms, trainer, feed, stall, classes.


Hmm - depending on what you have already it is a pretty big list.

Bridle, saddle, blankets, pads, splint boots, polo wraps, riding boots, helmet, gloves, breeches, hunt coat, ratcatcher, brushes, fly spray, shampoo…etc etc

Additionally -
Vet - you just never know and must be prepared. (insurance can help)
Farrier - 150.00 every six weeks. or more depending on your horses needs


Find a good local trainer you like and work with them.

Re keeping at home: Unless you have an indoor at home, your riding time will be less than at a boarding facility that has an indoor. If you work full time, who will be around during the day to toss hay, or whatever and keep an eye on horse? A lot can happen to them in 8 hours…Horses dont like to be alone generally, so are you prepared to get another companion horse/donkey? What if you want to go on vacation, or need to travel for family reasons - need someone reliable to care for the horse(s). It is work, and though many people love it and deal with it just fine, I’d start out boarding until you figure out what you really want to do.

i prefer to board- the reason is-
When our horses were at the neighbors, and i did mornings and stalls, i never wanted to ride, i never had anyone to ride with. As a Boarder, i can make arrangements to go out on the trails and there are a lot of people to go with. Plus my horses are socialized, also. It makes me happier to be a boarder. And vacations? YES you can. ( since you are not stuck taking care of horses)