Leather cell phone case for breastplate

As the title states, I have have been on the hunt for a case for my cell that attaches to the DRing strap. (Not to be confused with sandwich case)
I saw a guest at our local hunt have one and I couldn’t ask where she acquired such an appointment as she was gone with her horse by the time tailgate was happening.
Do I have one made?
Any appointment shops carry such a thing?

I’ve searched and searched. I didn’t have any luck.

Often easiest to get things made “custom”. Then you get what you want… exactly. My local friend is a leather worker, can make anything you want. She is a horseman/rider herself. European quality work. Does a lot of cell phone cases for non riding people. Could probably make you whatever you want done. She ships internationally. skookumhorse.tack.

I have to comment … The biggest reason to use a phone while out riding is if you part ways with your horse … who has cantered off with your phone in its handy case?

Maybe hunting is very different but trail/endurance riders never attach their phones to their horses. Some of my riding tights have side pockets for phones and for those that don’t I use a thigh strap or a belt case (tights can have very flimsy belt loops).



You can slide a strap/belt through most of these. You would be better off (and drier) with it under your coat on your belt.

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I got an armband from Amazon and keep it around the top of my boot. Easy to get to.