Leather colours - Schleese dark havana vs. Butet cachou

The title pretty much explains it all! I have a new Schleese Jeté on the way come the new year in the colour they call dark havana, and although I have my trainer’s saddle to go by as well (Jeté also in the same colour option) I’m interested to see if anyone else has some ‘real life’ examples of this leather colour. I’m also curious as to how it compares to Butet’s cachou leather colour, as I’ve owned some Butet products in the past that were to DIE for. Sadly most of the fittings will likely end up being too light of a leather, but I’m pondering replacing them with the darker leather Butet products if/when the opportunity arises - so I’d love to see examples of that as well! Even if I wasn’t shopping, this stuff is major therapy to a leather snob like me :slight_smile: TIA!