Leather Conditioners

What is your favorite leather conditioner? I have a collegiate saddle, and they recommended using a wax based dressing and not to use oil. Apparently wax based dressings make your saddle tacky, so I was looking at conditioners instead. Effax Lederbalsam, or Fieblings Aussie leather conditioner? Fieblings is lower priced which I like, but don’t want to get something low quality. What are your thoughts on conditioners, and wax based dressings? Should I follow Collegiate’s advise and go with something with wax, or will a conditioner be a better route? Also, how often do you condition your saddles?

I use Leather CPR followed up with Lederbalsam. My tack feels fabulous. :slight_smile:

I use Passier Lederbalsam. It works well and makes my calfskin saddle water proof (when there is a little water not when its pouring rain). The only thing I don’t like about it is it takes a couple days to dry and the first few times I ride in my saddle afterwards it squeaks really loudly. But I personally can live with that after the reviews and results I’ve seen. Just don’t condition before a show or big clinic!

Higher Standards Leather Conditioner!!! There is a huge thread about it in the Eventing Forum, it is seriously the best! Love it!

My favourite leather conditioner ever was the wax based one Five Star Tack distributed, unfortunately, they don’t anymore. They told me it was made by Sedgwick’s? But I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. =(
I also like Blackrock conditioner and Passier Lederbasalm, Higher Standards is pretty good too, all waxed based …I think? not 100% sure about the first one, but pretty certain the last two are.

I like Effax Lederbalsm either regular or the cream. I like Oakwood also. Both are beeswax.

I like Effax Lederbalsam, too, but it does leave a slight waxiness that will cause a bit of a squeak for the first couple of minutes of a ride if you’ve used it on a saddle.

I swear by Antares conditioner. It’s great for breaking in new tack, keeping new tack in great condition, and bringing old tack back to life. Its also smells great and is absorbed well by the leather(it’s a cream conditioner) so it doesn’t leave a residue like the waxed based lederbaslms (which for my tastes are too waxy and oily). The jar lasts forever too so that’s another plus.

Another vote for Higher Standards! I’m a tack nazi and it really is the best that I’ve found.

I really like HSLC; I use it for everything! I also really like Effax Lederbalsam and the Sedgwick’s product, and still have them on hand if I run out of the HSLC and am waiting for more to arrive :slight_smile:

Have not tried HS but love Effax Lederbalsam. The cream cleaner is nice too. Usually do a regular glycerine based saddle soap to clean, then occasionally condition.

I really like the Carr Day and Martin Belvoir Leather Balsam. I like it better than the Effax and the HSLC.

Amazon carries it. The manufacturer’s page is here:


My go-to conditioner is CWD Leather Conditioner.

2nd option is the Higher Standards Leather Conditioner.

3rd- Effax

4th- Passier

I love to clean tack and have a lot of products. My absolute favorite is the CWD!

My favorites are CWD, Higher Standards, Effax Lederbalsom and Akene.

Thanks so much for your suggestions everyone! You’ve all helped a lot. How often do you condition?

It depends on the weather for me. . . I do it as often as my tack requires it! I know that sounds ridiculous. But, usually every couple of weeks. . .

I second the Carr, Day, Martin leather care system :slight_smile: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=29864

Higher Standards.

I like the higher standards cleaner, but the conditioner is really difficult to use. It’s too hard and solid. I started using leather honey and I LOVE it!! It leaves my leather so soft but not greasy. It’s great!

Leather Honey is great stuff!