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Leather halter adjustment

Does anyone know roughly how much it is to have the nose piece of a leather halter lengthened? I already punched another hole in the chin strap to make it as big as possible but still a hole or two too snug than I’d like. I can’t return or exchange the halter so just curious at my options. My horse is kind of between sizes so would prefer not to buy another halter as I’d probably have to have a different size altered in some other way

Depends how nice a job you need done.

Any leather worker can insert a piece of leather. If you want a whole new pristine triple stitched noseband that’s going to cost more.

Can the chinstrap be replaced?

I’m not too touchy about how it looks, I keep a halter fuzzy over the nose of most of my halters at all times (except this one since it’s snug already). I can get another chin strap! I was just a little worried that it wouldn’t help enough since the nose part itself is too short

Just get a longer chin strap.

we have been using Quillin for our leather halters…they will custom build if needed (we have had them make several for the special horses)… here are their “sizing chart”


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