LED/Solar Outdoor Arena Lights

Myself and other clients have the harebrained idea to gift my trainer arena lights for Christmas for our outdoor long court (60mx20m exactly). I’ve found the specs for recommended height, etc. But I’m looking at different options for actual lights and some seem too good to be true, I’m skeptical if the claimed lumens is acurate. We’re not looking for too fancy, just remote Solar-powdered LEDs that can withstand Maryland winters (ice). I have a meeting with my trainer and her husband to talk specs soon but I wanted to proof the lights I’ve found so far with folks - so thoughts on these or any others?

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I ordered some solar powered LED lights for myself - unfortunately they haven’t shipped yet, but I’m anxiously awaiting them! Like you, I’m hoping they are bright enough for some basic riding work now that I don’t get to the barn before dark.

I have a couple solar light options to test BUT i am stuck on what to mount them on - to get 16 - 20’, what is your plan for a light pole, etc?

From what I have thus far, strong preference to a warm white light. Others in our neighbourhood have bright white lights and they are glaring even from across rural streets. I don’t want an airfield landing strip look :smiley:

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Someone across town got telephone poles and it worked really well. They seem to come up regularly on facebook marketplace and craigslist at $50/piece. Since we have people at the barn who work construction we have access to the tools for installation - my biggest concern is if we’re going to hit rock too soon and if we’re going to cement or just stone the base.

You can already see our indoor from a mile away since we’re on top of a hill, I’m not sure we’re getting away from the airfield look! Our teenager loves the idea of lights since she hates evening feed in winter in the dark, it’ll be nice to not need a headlamp to dig into the blanket box.

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I keep seeing ads for solar arena lights on FB and am getting really tempted. Curious to hear people’s experiences! I don’t even have a proper arena to light; I’d be thrilled if I could light up my little 60’ pen to keep horses going during the week in the winter.

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Ditto what @Texarkana said. My only concern with solar lights is them being on when I don’t need them. I’d rather not blind the neighbors.

We have an electric yard LED light over the well house/trash bin.
We mounted it on a plain 2’7/8" pipe for a pole, buried and concreted 3’ down like a regular fence corner post.
Has been working just fine, as far as how to mount such lights.

Telephone poles would work just as well.

Electricians here have trucks and augers to set any kinds of post, and man buckets to get up there to fit any lights, ask around.

Here is our well area light, on a 21’ pipe, at 18’ high the light:


One of my requirements is that they have remotes and timers. Our barn manager and the working student’s family both live on site so if someone did a dumb and forgot to turn them off, they could handle that, but I really don’t want to put that on them. However, our BM’s apartment might be close enough that if we can get them all on one remote, maybe we can put one in her apartment so she doesn’t even need to step outside…

I’ve looked at a couple with remotes, but it seems they need to come on every day and the remotes just switch between the timers (2 hr 4 hr dusk until the battery dies). Are the ones you’re looking at having the option to stay off until turned on?

It seems like at least some are, but maybe I’m not reading them correctly. I wish we had the funds and layout to just have wired lights like we do for our indoor but that would get expensive fast, even with electrician friends doing the wiring.

It might not be a big deal even for a boarding barn, but for myself at home in a neighborhood I’d rather have lights that I can turn on only when I need them. Imagine in the summertime, eleven on a min 2 hr time the lights would be on until dang near midnight!

I’m gonna re check out the ones you listed bc I surely can’t have wired lights on my biludget at this time!

This is kind of off topic, but why do so few solar lights have on/off switches? Is it a battery thing?

I assumed it was a cost thing, one less thing to wire. I’m sure there’s a better reason out there though

The on/off is also where I’m stuck. We had a recent thread about solar lights and the endurance lights product was also recommended. But it seems to either be on overnight or motion activated (and dim overnight).

I really want a solar light I can use like its on a light switch: turn it on to feed, turn it off when I’m done. I hate hate hate light pollution. I can only imagine how often it would be triggered if it was motion-activated. It’d be morris code for the deer. :laughing:

What I’m able to glean so far online is that the on / off switch on solar lights “also” controls if the battery charges. I’m still digging into this somewhat.

Re: On/Off
I need to find out what model a friend of a friend uses for her outdoor ring. She’s the one we got our ideas from, and it’s working for her at her house so there has to be a workaround to not have to manually turn them back on to charge during the day. Maybe able to talk to my trainer and her husband tonight after my lesson so may have something to report tomorrow! If not Saturday

Throw something over it when you’re done, and that will eliminate the motion-activated concern. It’s a thought :wink:

I had wonderful indoor solar lights for my tiny barn in TN that were pull string on/off. So I know it’s possible, yet it seems very hard to find in an outdoor light. I also had a tiny outdoor light from DG above my door at my last rental house that had an on/off switch… but we are talking about a $5 adhesive light. None of the security or parking lot style lights seem to have a switch.

There are plenty from Amazon with remote controls with on/off switches, for example:

ETA: motion sensor can be turned off.

ETA again… looks like you need to manually turn it off each night or it will reset to cycle either dawn to dusk or motion detecting mode the next night (which stays on at 50% power when no motion is detected)… but the Q&As do show people using for arenas…

This unit from We Rise can be programmed so not dawn until dusk with the remote. People use for arenas too. Appears it can be manually turned on/off or set to come on automatically and stay on for 3/5/8 hours… according to Q&A.


ETA: I think may be same one from original post.