Leg protection for exercise riders

Ive been struggling with leg burns and bruising when galloping. On some days a pair of leather half chaps are fine, and on others my legs are purple. I’ve heard of some tips about preventing this, like putting sponges in the ankle of your boots when riding with the pedals high. I’m thinking I should crochet up some of those stirrup leg warmers that ballet dancers wear and sew a suede patch to them with the intent of wearing them OVER my chaps lol. Anyone else got some tricks up their sleeve to prevent burns and bruising?

Leggins’ - those compression calf covers is what everyone I know wears. Then jeans then full chaps.

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I got my last pair from the Tack Shack in Ocala through mail order. If you’re bruising that badly, go with the heavy weight ones.

You need leggings to keep from rubs, and get a kitchen sponge, wet it and squeeze out all the water, and put that under the legging where you bruise.