Lemon coated “Bagle” needs a home

Dixie is a 1 year-old spayed Beagle x Bassett who has lived her entire life at the end of a chain. My sister happened to see her while driving my parents to a nearby home a month ago and enlisted me to try to find her a new situation. After a sleepless night I offered to foster her knowing the longer she stayed on the end of a chain the less likely she would adapt well to a family. Upon arriving to pick her up we discovered she had a giant baseball sized growth in her neck which apparently the owners never noticed. :rage: got her to the vet and learned it was a foreign body that had been walled off into a giant abscess. Several hundred dollars of surgery and 2 weeks of rest she is fully recovered and ready for a new home. In just the time we have had her she has learned to be around horses three large farm dogs five cats and free range chickens. She walks on a leash is crate trained and extremely affectionate and trusting of humans despite her miserable situation before.

Three dogs are plenty for us along with our many cats and three horses so we would love to see her go to a family with a fenced yard ( she is a beagle after all!) and other pups to play with. She truly deserves a long and happy life. Of course she is free to the right home but after our financial and emotional investment we really do want to make sure she has a safe landing. Feel free to DM or text my cell if you know anyone who might be a good match for her. (We live in Fayetteville NC). We have many pictures and videos for anyone interested. 919-810-1370. Thanks!


She sounds adorable. Thank you for helping her out.

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She is! I’d love to post a video of her playing w my dogs. She really deserves a nice home. Any suggestions are very welcome. We are not looking for any money or reimbursement for our out-of-pocket expenses just trying to help this little one on her way

Are there no rescues in your area that you could reach out to? In general, COTH is not the place for this unless you post on the Giveaway board, but more importantly - how will you really vet a new home?

There are loads of people here in NoVa looking for a sweet pup for their family that is potty trained. The supply can not keep up with the demand. Maybe connect with a rescue in that area vs NC.

Actually try BREWS, they are a beagle rescue that does a great job up here.

She sounds like a doll baby.

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She is! Fortunately we found someone through that next door app who I interviewed extensively over the phone before he came with his wife to meet her. They fell in love and she is enjoying her brand new home with a sweet older dog who desperately needs some fun and exercise and a 13-year-old boy who adores her. A soft landing and a happy ending after all. Thank you for responding


Thanks yes. We had talked to several of the local rescues but they were so overloaded with dogs I was concerned she would be overlooked.

Thanks for the happy ending. I have a soft spot for lemon beagles :blush: