Lesson Barns in the Denver, CO Area for Horseless Eventer?


I’ve recently moved to the Denver, CO area. I’m in my early 30’s, grew up in Pony Club and competing in eventing, as well as restarting OTTBs and giving beginner riding lessons. I’ve been taking a bit of a riding hiatus in 2021 after selling my horse before moving, but the itch is back and I’d love to find somewhere to take lessons.

I no longer own my own horse (though I may be looking to buy in the next 12-18 months) so I’m looking for somewhere with a good school horse/leasing program that is adult-friendly. I’m also interested in seeing if foxhunting is a good fit for me, though I’d still want to event in the summers, so if there were somewhere that had foxhunting ties too, that would be a plus.

Anyone have good suggestions for an eventing trainer/lesson program that may fit what I’m looking for within an hour or so from Denver?

Thanks in advance!


Can you be a bit more specific on what side of Denver you’re on? Lots of stuff down in Parker (SE), but that’s not going to be within an hour if you’re up in Broomfield (NW) for example.

Agreed, depends on what side of Denver.

Depending on the area like others said, I highly recommend Volte in Brighton Colorado.

In Parker, Platinum Farms is fantastic. Not sure about their availability with horses though.

I’m right in the center of the city (Cheesman park area). I can make it to Parker in 30 minutes, Boulder in 45, and Longmont in an hour. But I also work remotely and make my own schedule, so avoiding rush hour/the i25 pile up is no issue!

I’d second Volte if you haven’t found a place yet and are up for going north. I have a mare that I’m casually trying to find a part leaser for at Volte, but they do have a handful of very nice horses that they own and use for lessons. I’d say the demographics skew towards adult riders, but they don’t have any foxhunting ties.

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