Lesson barns near Lake Wylie/Charlotte SC and/or Raleigh NC

My niece’s 7th birthday is in a few weeks and my sister hasn’t given me any ideas for gifts so I’m toying around with maybe getting her a few introductory lessons, as she seemed to enjoy the pony ride her and her brother got when she visited us over the winter.

Anyone have any good suggestions on a safe kid-oriented barn in the Lake Wylie/Charlotte area? They are living with my parents in that area for the summer while their new house is built. I figure that it would be easiest to look for a barn there so my parents could help out with taking her, etc. as my sister has 2 other kids and lots of other activities going on. But suggestions in the Raleigh area would be helpful as well, in case she takes to it and wants to continue when they move back. :smile:


Just FYI- lesson barns in those areas are booked with waiting lists. You may struggle to find a place with openings this summer.

Stone ridge Equestrian and Caitlin Fletcher Copeland in the Rock Hill SC area comes to mind for lessons.