Lessons in Florida?

I’m currently a student in Tallahassee, FL, but will soon be relocating south. I want to go ahead and begin my search for a lesson program!

For now, I just want to see what’s out there – Ocala area, Palm Beach County (Wellington), anywhere in between.

I’ve been riding for a decade, but am new to quality H/J instruction! I think my main interest lies in the jumpers, but I wouldn’t mind taking a few hunter or even dressage lessons either for the sake of trying it out… What I’m really searching for is the highest quality instructors who are willing to work with relative novices (been there done that with learning-and-unlearning poor instruction in the reining world, etc.)

I’m eager to be more involved in the south FL equestrian community and willing to put in the time, energy, and money needed!

Your options are pretty much limitless when it comes to Wellington/Palm Beach. Honestly. Alan Korotkin is here pretty much year-round and would probably be a decent option. But really you just need to google riding instruction/horse trainers in south florida and you’ll get more options than you can shake a stick at.

Thanks! My difficulty has been picking out instructors who are both knowledgeable AND willing to work with novices – which is really understandable, honestly!! I’m just hoping I’ll luck out!

Also figuring out who’s here year-round and who’s not, as you mentioned.

There are many wonderful trainers, big and small, in Florida. Once you decide where you are going COTH can be an excellent resource for you. Most trainers are willing to work with novices, we all start out there so a good trainer will be more than willing to help you progress. :yes:

Honestly it’s very hard in my opinion to find good trainers in the area. And I grew up here so I know pretty much every trainer in the area. First off, many are only here 6 months of the year. It’s great when season comes because you’re able to use many different trainers and really learn a ton, but in the off season, it’s pretty stagnant around here.

Also, finding good instruction without paying hundreds of dollars is hard. As a young amateur owner (with a mediocre budget) I’ve had to go from 8 lessons a month, what I was used to in high school and college with parents footing the bill, to maybe twice a month.

Pretty much any trainer that has some horses around to be used as schoolies doesn’t mind the fact that your a novice. That’s what trainers are there for, to teach you to become better! If you find someone that has a problem with that move on.

If you need help sorting through the trainers in the area PM me.

I’m in Tallahassee too, but don’t think I know you. I came from S FL. Look up Jenny Kearney at Far South Farm. She is in Wellington now (I worked for her in the early 90’s when she was in Miami while I was in Jr College before I came to FSU). She has a smaller farm, but QUALITY care and instruction.
PM me and maybe we can meet up and chat some more before you leave.

Winter Beach Farm in Vero Beach!