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Lessons in south east WA

Hello all,

I am moving to Tri-cities or the Walla-walla area in a few months, and I am hoping to find somewhere to ride in my new home.

I grew up showing in the hunters/eq on the East coast and comfortably did the 3’ and 3’6" juniors with my horse and did the open division on my undergrad’s ISHA team. Due to life and finances, I have not ridden regularly for about 5 years and I dearly miss that part of my life. Ideally I am looking for a program with lesson horses for me to get comfortable in the saddle again, and then hopefully lease or partial lease a horse to ride independently.

From what I have found in my internet searches, I see that there are a few dressage barns in the area, but it does not seem like there are any hunter barns. I know that this is a long shot, but I would greatly appreciate any advice!

Thank you in advance!

There really isn’t much unfortunately. It’s a dead zone for h/j programs. Closest would be Spokane and even that’s slim.

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I am in Spokane. Unfortunately I don’t know any of any h/j barns in that area, and there are just a handful of us where I’m at. You may have better luck looking for an eventing barn, that seems more prevalent than h/j over here. Good luck!

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Yeah, not really any Hunter Jumper action in the Tri Cities or Walla Walla.

I do know of a fabulous married couple that does lessons in the area, mostly going to be western but the dressage knowledge is very good, French/classical school.

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Allison Cino/Pyramid Equestrian is in Tri-Cities and works with eventers and jumpers even though she does not compete in those disciplines herself. I worked with her a couple of times as a schooling show judge and although I never rode with her, I know people who did before she moved to Tri-Cities.

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Thank you everyone- I was really not expecting any answers. I appreciate all of your advice so much! Hopefully I can contact some of these leads and find something that works for me.

Best of luck with all of your riding!