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Lessons in the Union County, NC area?


I am looking to get some information on riding lessons in the Union County area of NC, southeast of Charlotte. (Would also be open to the Midland/ Stanfield area, as I live near the Union/ Stanly County line.)

A little background info- I am 22 years old and just getting into the horse world. Riding lessons were something I always wanted to do when I was little, but they were too expensive for my parents. So, now that I have a little extra money of my own saved up, I’ve decided to pursue my horse riding dreams!

I am not looking to compete or show, so I don’t want to end up at a strict competition barn, but I would love to learn at least the basics of jumping/cross country/dressage. I would even love to learn some western sports as well- basically anything horse related, I want to learn! (I guess I am still a horse-crazy kid, after all :lol: ) What I don’t want is a barn where I show up, ride, and go home. I am really interested in learning all aspects of horse care, so I want to learn how to catch my own horse, tack, untack, bathe, etc. I would even be open to a working student position to get more hands on experience.

Anyone have suggestions for good barns for an adult beginner out my way? Thank you all in advance for your help and I look forward to hearing some great recommendations!

Post this question on the Charlotte Area Equestrian group on Facebook. You are in a great area, with TONS of stables that meet your requirements. I live in Monroe, but keep my guys at home so can’t really give you a good recommendation for lessons.Good Luck!

Thanks, I’ll try that!

I’m going to suggest where I board in Midland. I love this place enough that I commute from Waxhaw. Renaissance Farm, either Renie or Tori Bolick. http://www.renaissanceatrunningwind.com (704)219-4922 Lessons are reasonable and either private or semi private. Definitely good training on any of those things you want to learn. Come on out.

Thanks for the recommendation! I definitely got a friendly, welcoming feel from the website alone! It looks like a great place to ride! Do you happen to know the lesson pricing?

No, I’m a long time boarder and have my own arrangement. But call, they’ll talk to you.

Okay, thanks! :slight_smile:

Call Lisa Gerdon (Waxhaw and on Facebook)

Dominique Morrison at Honeysuckle Farm on Hwy 522 Waxhaw/Monroe also on Facebook.

Both are very trustworthy and have excellent reputations. Both are excellent instructors, good with beginners, are very kind to their school horses and students that seem to have a good time at the barn.

And they are right down the road from you so travel time would be minimal. I am referring you to them because both are big into horsemanship and teaching all aspects of working with horses and have fun while doing that and very good at their trade.

I ride at Brandywine Stables in Midland, NC, just off Rt. 601 on Drake Rd (across from the Corning plant driveway.)

Debbie Campbell is the hunt seat riding teacher that I had been unsuccessfully searching for over 30 years (I’ve been riding over 45 years now.) I have MS, and she has helped me enormously with my riding. I have been happily doing lessons with her for 10 years now.

She is listed in the Yellow pages. The farm number is 704-888-9096, Debbie’s cell phone is 704-995-1493.

Thanks for the recommendations! These all seem like great places for lessons, so I definitely have options to check out!