Lessons Near NW DC?

Cross Posting: A friend of mine is living in NW Washington DC and is looking for a place that is not too far away where she can take lessons. She is very athletic and knows the basics but wants to do more. Is there anywhere she can go that is less than an hour away, preferably no more than 30 minutes?

Hate to break it to you but 30 minutes is a fantasy from DC. Since you posted in the event forum is she interested in eventing or hunter/jumpers?

If hunters/jumpers in Rock Creek Park/Chevy Chase area there’s Meadowbrook Stables which would be about 30 minutes depending on traffic/lights.

If eventing - your friend could try Reddemeade or Waredaca but realistically about 30-45 min drive (depending on where in NW friend list located)

There are other places where she might be able to take lessons but she’d have to plan on about an hour drive - again depending on where in NW she is - you can go a couple of directions towards Mont Co/Howard County area or out towards Poolesville/Dickerson/Boyds area

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Yes, I’d recommend Waredaca, which is 45-50 mins but NOT in rush hour traffic. That’s a whole different ball of wax.

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Location is everything, as has already been mentioned. If she’s coming from Georgetown/Palisades/points further north and west, Bascule in Poolesville will be in that 45-50 minute window. From points further east in NW DC, I’ll third the Waredaca suggestion.


I’m reviving this thread to say that sadly, per the email I received recently, Waredaca has suspended their adult (group, schoolie) lessons indefinitely. They just don’t have enough horses in their current school pony herd to suit the skills/size of adult and/or more solid riders, and in the current sellers’ market are having a heck of a time finding appropriate new ones.

(Aside: If you have or know of any beasties that might suit, I selfishly beg you to get on the phone to Gayle ASAP.)

Finding a barn with good lessons in this area is a cinch compared to finding good lessons that include out-of-ring riding skills.

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