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Let's talk cinches

I’m considering a bamboo cinch. Anyone already using one?

Also, comparing other fiber cinches…

I have a 100% mohair that I love, but I paid $$ for it in custom colors, so I just use it to show. And, sadly, there is a chance it might be too short to work with my new saddle—I haven’t tried it yet. For those of you who are probably putting in more hours than me, how does mohair compare to mohair blend to alpaca?

And do you worry about rubs from the buckles? I didn’t worry for the 15-20 minutes of showing, but what about a lengthy trail ride? Do you have to use cinch guards?

My goto girth has been a professional’s choice merino wool lined, but it’s pretty bulky right behind the elbow, so I’ve been thinking of changing it up. Plus it irks me that I can’t simply buy a replacement wool liner for it. It comes off to wash, and I’d love to have a second one to rotate.

I got a mohair girth for my dressage saddle that has neoprene under the buckles.

I used to trail ride all day in an old school Western string girth where the metal rings were against the horse and never a rub.

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My saddlemaker said cinch guards - at least leather ones - caused rubs themselves at the edges.

He never saw problems with the buckles directly against the skin.

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I picked up one of these: https://www.sstack.com/total-saddle-fit-shoulder-relief-cinch-with-balance-buckle-neoprene/p/40041/ . Horse seems to like it fine.

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On my own personal horses, I have used mohair/alpaca/blends and prefer them (any of them). I have never used any buckle guards.

At my training barn, I found the natural fibers to be difficult to clean/disinfect. That is unfortunate because they are my preference. I use neoprene there.

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I used to use the Shearling version of this cinch and then I got annoyed that it would only last for 2 months before starting to fall apart. Then I switched to the Merino which lasted a little bit longer. On a whim, I tried the cheap version of the Professionals Equisentials cinch and WOW very impressed. Lasts forever, cleans/washes very easy, and horses haven’t noticed a difference on the switch.

So I use that one on two of my horses.

The other one I use the Professionals Choice Ventech cinch and that works well for him. Holds up great, lasts a long time, and easy to clean. My other two horses are more sensitive and one seems to have a neoprene allergy so that’s why I use the fluffy version instead.

Back in the day, we only used mohair type cinches with the buckles exposed. Never had a horse have a problem.

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