Let's talk pretty helmets for oval heads!

I am looking at upgrading my show helmet over the winter to prepare for the '22 show season. I tend to be pretty conservative, but my horse is naturally blingy (chestnut with four white stockings, a big blaze, and a belly splash). I will going traditional with my apparel - white breeches, black coat (maybe a touch of sparkle on the collar), black tack and boots. I’d love to put some bling on my helmet, but keep the base black.

I tried on the One K Defender Celestial at Equine Affaire and the fit was pretty good, so that is currently at the top of my list. I also fit well in the Charles Owens helmets. A friend sent me a link to the Harry’s Horse helmets that are much more comfortably in my budget, but I wonder about fit.

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I ended up buying the above helmet from Red Post earlier this year. The YR8 helmet comes in smaller adult sizes (I wear a 7 1/8) and has a kind of subtle black sparkle on the black micro suede base. Being a children’s model, it has a nylon harness instead of leather or microsuede, but I was happy to take that cut for how much money I saved on what I think is a stylish helmet with the quality and fit that I love from Charles Owen. Plus even with shipping, it was way cheaper to buy it straight from the UK.

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