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Let's talk Western saddle trees

I attended a saddle fit demo at the PA Horse World Expo and she brought up some very good points. She prefers Western saddle trees manufactured in the USA and said only two saddle manufactures do this with Crates (Tennessee) being one of them. Does anyone know where Tucker and Circle Y make their trees or what they are made from? I thought with the wealth of knowledge here, someone might know. Thanks!

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Since Circle Y says some of their saddles are built on a traditional wood tree, I assume that the ones that don’t say this in the online description have trees of another material.

The Tucker website isn’t this clear, but the two saddles I viewed are apparently made in America. It may depend on the particular, since Tucker and Circle Y are owned by the same person as best I can tell.

I have a Circle Y, Flex 2 Endurance. I was told by the tack shop I purchased it from it is a wood tree, the part in the front that “flexes” is sometype of plastic or fiberglass injected. They are in Texas and have a website, and lots of YouTube videos. I’m having several issues and intend to contact the company TODAY by telephone to speak to someone, I’ve been unable to get the “contact us” email to work. I believe Circle Y bought Tucker & another (I can’t recall the name". I live in Tennessee and have never heard of “Crates” and would like to know exactly where it is. I have a 10 year TWH that is a pleasure/trail horse and have been through several saddles trying to get a good fit on him, including a Specialized and Freedom. I’m not a serious all day rider but several people I know are and ride in the Flex 2. I just read, Crates & “Fabtron” merged, saddles are sold under the name “Fabtron” now.

You can still buy Crates saddles that (I believe) are made by Fabtron. They are branded as Crates. Location: Fabtron, Inc., of Maryville, Tennessee and Crates Leather Company, Inc., of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Even if your saddle is made in the USA, are you sure your tree was manufactured here and not in China? Crates (Fabtron) used Steele trees made in the USA. And to note, I am not in any way affiliated with Fabtron, Crates or any other saddle maker. I am just a humble trail rider looking for quality products for my equines.