Lets wish Whitmore a happy retirement

At age 8, after 43 starts and 4.5 million, we will miss seeing the aging gelding. While cameras focused on a thrilling stretch drive and a mugging in front, the old warhorse broke onto his nose and never hit his stride. After crossing under the wire (5th of 7 IIRC), jockey hopped off and got him a van ride back to the barn, which he walked on unassisted. It was quickly determined to be non life threatening and potentially non career ending.

Trainer and ownership partners announced the horse owes them absolutely nothing else so he is officially retired. Dr B will be evaluating him at R&R to determine exactly what happened after which it will be shared publicly. Apparently, they had planned for this and we may be seeing him in a second career.

How refreshing


Best wishes, Whitmore.

I vote for second career as a carrot-eater. I saw something about Retired Racehorse Project, but if he has a physical issue that might not work. It has also been said that he is not an easy-going guy, not an easy ride in the mornings.

After earning 4.5 million, I think he has done enough to pay for his retirement.


They will definitely do what’s right for him. I have no doubt.

The Moquettes really love him, quirks and all.

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Such a cool horse. I’ll miss watching him run, and can’t wait until we see what he can accomplish in his next career!

Thanks for posting! So great to hear how much he is loved!

“There’s an old saying that certain horses define your life, and even if the good Lord and the racing gods decide to give me another champion and we win the Kentucky Derby or even the Triple Crown, that would be great, but there will never be another Whitmore,” said Moquett. "I think there are a lot of trainers and horsemen out there that feel the same way I do about a particular horse.

“He’s not the first one I had that won a grade 1, or that won a race that mattered, but to say he’s special is an understatement.”


Choice of second career, will also depend on what Whitmore wants, he’s always willing to give his opinion and his people always willing to listen.