LF TB mare to add to our small farm Caraway Connemaras

Looking for a TB mare to lease or buy. Will be bred to a connemara. Preferably something that has proven to be sane and sound. Blushing Groom in pedigree a bonus… I am in Quebec, open to paying shipping for right mare.

I have a very pretty smaller AP Indy granddaughter in Luskville Quebec who could be made available on a breeding lease this summer. Maiden although a repro workup was done last fall…but I have a couple of older mares who are my breeding priorities this year. She is an OTTB and has made a great deal of progress in her dressage over the two years we have had her…however she might be a little too chestnut mareish for your requirements. She does best as an outdoor mare mare as she does crib so may not be what you are looking for but she is a lovely smaller mare with nice lines for sport…her damline goes to Damascus and Transworld. I could arrange to have you meet her if you are interested…would prefer an on-site lease but would consider offsite to the right place.

Thanks! Can you send me her pedigree, size, photo?

Back two generations, Anna’s pedigree is almost the same as Denny Emerson’s young stallion Raven Sky. She is about 15:1. Not sure how to share a photo on here but will put some under saddle video on YouTube or can send via email.

Fun fact: I own Molinaro Anna’s 3rd dam.

She is currently finishing a late breakfast so she can return to her beloved donkeys.

She is also the weirdest yet most freakishly athletic horse I have ever owned. She has had a decent career as a racing broodmare, but definitely missed her calling as a sport horse.

Oh, and she’s bitty: 15.1h. Molinaro Anna may come by her size honestly.



There is a cute mare on Canter Illinois, that has lots of old blood, Caro, Turn to, Grey Sovereign, Wild Risk (dam sire of Blushing Groom). Tudor Minstrel, etc… She looks like a sweet heart. (Sorry I am addicted to Canter horses!)