LF young horse rider from Jeremy Steinberg clinic at Equestrian Dreams

This is most likely a long shot but if anybody here happened to attend the Jeremy Steinberg clinic earlier this month at Equestrian Dreams in Campbelleville Ontario maybe you can help me out.

I unfortunately cannot for the life of me remember her name but I am looking to get in touch with the young professional who rode her 4 y/o in the clinic. I am looking for someone to campaign some young horses and was quite impressed with her riding and skill! I remember from her bio that she trains with Eddo Hoekstra and Anne Gribbons.

If anybody can point me in the right direction that would be fantastic

Here’s the ride schedule: http://equestriandreams.ca/?q=node%2F65

That was Keegan Byrne and she rides out of Dreamcatcher Equestrian in Buckhorn. Hope that helps!

Many thanks to you both! This helps a lot!

If I were not old and tech challenged then I probably could of found the rider list. LOL.

Did you enjoy the clinic? We are working on getting Jeremy back this summer and hope to continue bringing him in twice a year.

my coach really enjoyed the clinic