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Liability of having someone train/ride your horse?

I have a 3 yr old that I have started myself. I’ve been ponying her on trails and riding her in the arena. The issue is, usually I’m riding alone. For safety reasons, I don’t really want to take her out by herself on trails. She ponies fabulously walk/gait on the trails. We did about 12 miles today with only one or two tiny spooks even having bikes come up behind us. Most of that was gaiting along and moving out. I’m pretty sure she’s going to be an awesome trail horse because she already is.

I’m thinking of hiring someone to either ride with me, either on my good mare, while I ride the 3 yr old, or on the 3 yr old. Ideally this person can come up and ride her in the arena and get a feel for her.

Another option would be to sell her as she is. I’m going back to work full time and not sure how much time I’m going to have. That would free up funds to buy something a bit more broke, that can sit for a while if I get too busy with work. Or I can always wait and see if I want to get another horse. My yearling will be ready to start next year and his training may take priority. He’s brilliant in some ways and probably going to be difficult in ways she isn’t. He doesn’t spook at anything but has a big mischievous streak in him that I suspect will make his training a bit more complicated. Hoping maturity helps there!

I will say, she is a great horse for a 3 year old and I am rather attached. Part of me thinks I should sell. Part of me thinks she will sell so much better if she’s already going out on trails and part of me wants to keep her.


It sounds like you have given her a great start and she is young enough to sit for a while before continuing training if you get busy at work. Your idea of riding with someone else and having them ride your good mare sounds great. Perhaps get a release from liability signed by the rider? Part of me hates we have to think of that now. Perhaps look for a trail riding group and ask if she can go in the middle? Since you have progressed so well, you have many really good options. Whether you want to keep working with your young ones or buy something more trained is really just a matter of preference. She is started so well, she will be lovely for you or someone. Good luck, have fun, and congratulations on your new job.


I don’t know what you have there. Here if you are a member of Equestrian Australia you are insured for riding a horse. At least you were years ago, I haven’t kept it up. Instructors were not allowed to ride at our place without it. Some instructors would not instruct you if you were not a member.

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Most states have this statute. I would just have the person riding sign this for your state. https://sfyl.ifas.ufl.edu/media/sfylifasufledu/clay/docs/4-h-member-resources/2020_Horse_Show_Equine_Activity_Sponsor_Release.pdf

Given what you have said about this young horse, I would vote keep her and let her sit for awhile if needed. She sounds level-headed. She’s not going to develop bad habits from mentally resting and growing. If you find a rider for either horse and can get out together, great. If you can take her out in a big group of babysitter horses, greater. But there is no rush.

You sound like a terrific horse owner! Thinking of everything in advance. Good luck at the new work place!