Lifesaver Bit

I want to know if the lifesaver bit has the same effect as a dog bone or a french link bit? I like the idea that it breaks the bit more down onto their tonuge and not create a nutcracker effect.

If you mean the bit with a circle hiding the two sides of mouthpiece together, no it is not easier on the tongue or roof of mouth. Especially if this bit has shank sides, it still ca uses the nutcracker effect… It is not legal in AQHA showing, last I knew.


Thank you so much for answering!

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It will have a similar type effect as a dog bone but it’s also going to depend on the rest of the bit.
Is this a snaffle bit?
Or a shanked bit?
The rest of the mechanics of the bit will have some effect on the action of the bit.

Is there something specific you are trying to address or achieve with your horse?
What are you using now?